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KRAMAS LTD on display ANUGA 2021

October 9-13, 2021 in Cologne, Germany.

Welcome to the stand in Hall 1.1 Stand D030 E049. We will present you unique paste products without gluten Kramas. The central place is occupied by Gluten-free red lentil Lasagna and Homemade pasta and there are many other different flavors and forms of short and long pasta without gluten and organic pasta products.

Will this be interesting for you?

We will be at the Stand D030 E049 in Hall 1.1 for you.


Kramas created a unique GLUTEN-FREE LASAGNA ֆ HOMEMADE PASTA FROM RED LENTILS. For people with culinary ideas.


Unique gluten free pasta Kramas in a new package.


ChiaӦl Kramas is ideally suited to meet the daily need for important vitamins, trace elements and omega-3 acids. ChiaӦl Kramas is suitable for salads, shakes, dressings.

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