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Where is spoken about health and healthy eating - is spoken about Kramas! Once again, the KRAMAS products will rejoice their fans and win new ones at the specialized trade fair "Health and beauty with natural and organic products". Meet us on 24-27.10.2018. in Central Departmant Store-northern entrance - ground floor, Sofia.

Wenn wir über hohe Lebensqualität und gesunde Ernährung reden, ist allerdings der Name von Firma KRAMAS zu erwähnen. Während der Fachmesse  “Gesundheit und Schönheit durch natürliche und Bio – Produkte“, die am 24- 27. 10. 2018 im Zentrum von der Haupstadt Sofia /ZUM – Gebäude; Nordeingag, Erdgeschoss/ stattfindet, haben Freunde und Anhänger der „reinen“ Ernährung die Möglichkeit sich die KRAMAS – Produkte anzuschauen und zu probieren.



Kramas will present its various gluten-free and bio-products at the autumn fair veggie & frei von  in Stuttgart, Germany. Visitors and exhibitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with entirely natural and healthy Bulgarian products.

veggie & frei von - Hall 9/ Stand 9A33






Dear friends,
It was a really pleasure for us to meet you at the halls of Inter Expo Center - BULPEK 2018. We hope that we have laid the foundations for many new friendships and great preconditions for successful business relationships. Thank you very much for your compliments and comments. For us, they are in a respectable place.

Gratitude to the revered commission for the high rating of our three products. With a gold medal and a diploma were awarded: Homemade Noodle with Eggs and Milk Kramas, Mafalde Rice Kramas and our latest product Ancients 4 - a combination of old four cereals - spelt, eincorn, rye and wholegrain wheat.
We feel stimulate and encouraged to produce and offer Bulgarian pasta and homemade noodles with proven and unique qualities.

Диплом на Крамас ООД Диплом на Крамас ООД Диплом на Крамас ООД Диплом на Крамас ООД

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Gabrovo 5300
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