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Red Lentil Macaroni - macaroni, spirals - 250g

макарон леща
спирала червена леща
Nutrition values per 100g % of RIs *
energy value kJ 1612 19%
energy value kcal 381 19%
total fats g 1,1 2%
of which saturated fatty acids g 0,1 1%
carbohydrates g 63,4 24%
of which sugars g 2,0 2%
fibres g 10,7 -
proteins g 24,0 48,0%
salt ** g 0,09 2%

*Reference intakes for the average adult 8,400kJ / 2,000kcal
**It is due to natural sodium content

Ingredients: red lentil flour, water.
The popularity of the lentils is increasing every year, so it is important to know what is useful and to increase the consumption. The usefulness is in the high content of proteins, iron, B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, as a result - lentils have become an integral part of the diet of all people. Our new "lentil macaroni" product has the natural taste of the lentils, their characteristic red colour and the beneficial properties of the natural product.
Lentil macaroni, offered in a variety of attractive pasta shapes, will allow regular consumption of lentil meals. Preparing lentil macaroni is quick, easy and can be combined with our favourite spices such as celery, parsley or rosemary, bay leaves, even a pinch of dried sage, and others.

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