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Hard-baked Spiral Macaroni “Kramas”- 250 гр.

These three products are a magic mix of perfect macaroni and natural flavour of hard-baked, served in different shapes – spiral, tube, noodles - suitable for salads and garnishes to different kinds of meat and fish. The hard-baked macaroni "Kramas" also fit perfectly in the recipes for desserts.

With the Homemade Noodles "Kramas" and Macaroni "Kramas", I CAN SWEETEN:
Baking Hard-baked Macaroni "Kramas".

Time: 25 min

250 g of Hard-baked Macaroni "Kramas"
700 ml of milk
4 eggs
40 g butter
150 g sugar
Flavour of vanilla, cinnamon, lemon - optional

Boil the package of Hard-baked Macaroni "Kramas". 
Rinse, drain, put them into baking pan, and add the preliminary prepared mixture of eggs, milk, butter, sugar and your favourite flavour. 
Bake it in preheated oven at 200 °C until it is ready.
Enjoy your meal!

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