Gabrovo 5300, 2B Borovska Str.

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8:30 - 17:30 h

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Homemade noodles

Hard-baked dough by an old Balkan recipe


Bakery goods by an old Balkan recipe


Crispy temptation by an old Balkan recipe

Gluten free

Dye-free and gluten-free pasta

16.12.2019 г.

The Kramas Organic family of products has grown with another wonderful taste, offered in two forms - Organic Corn Penne Rigate and Organic Corn Fusilli. These are our new Christmas offers for all who believe that original, natural and quality gluten free pasta is made in Bulgaria.

We Offer Healthy Food

Beginning from the traditions, with care for your health, we create delicious and healthy Bulgarian food for your table.


Gluten free





With our healthy products

Caring for your health
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Brief company information

The company "Kramas" has been offering Homemade Noodles and Macaroni Products since 2009. Manufacturing of pasta from high-quality Bulgarian flour and wheat semolina is our core business, and consumers are the ones who regulate our production.

The main task of "Kramas" is to offer the best homemade noodles and macaroni at an affordable price, in accordance with customer needs for innovative and healthy products.

We from Kramas OOD understand the importance of health products, and the cost of their quality. Our choice of raw materials is associated with profound observations and documented laboratory tests in order to achieve a perfect finished product.

Our well-organized sales and distribution networks of Homemade Noodles "Kramas", "Noodles", and macaroni "Kramas", are a central axis of development of "Kramas" OOD.

Our products

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  • soy makaroni
  • Rice pastamakaroni
  • Trikolior
  • Makaroni Elda
  • Superprotein Macaroni
  • Rice millet makaroni
  • Rice qinoa makaroni
  • Makaroni-bob
  • Rice makaroni
  • Pea makaroni
  • Red makaroni
  • Rice cia makaroni
  • soy pasta
  • noodles1
  • Pasta makaroni
  • Makaroni carevica i elda
  • Rice milet makaroni
  • Corn makaroni

Gabrovo 5300
Borovska Str. 2B